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VE Day 75th Anniversary Cover Club

The Second World War, the last major global conflict of the 20th century, ended 75 years ago. Victory in Europe was celebrated on 8 May 1945. We are proud to mark this anniversary with a new and comprehensive collection of covers featuring key events and personalities of the war from the Nazi invasion of Poland 1 September 1939 to the VE day celebrations on 8 May 1945. Each cover will highlight a particular event with a short description and appropriate image together with a unifying WWII cachet. Each cover will bear a different VE Day commemorative stamp from either the Royal Mail, Gibraltar, Jersey or Guernsey Post with a special first day of issue handstamp. Limited to 100 members.


Instalments will be sent out regularly in pairs, every four weeks at a cost of £7.95 each including postage. Please quote COL318 when enquiring.

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